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Hagaman-Tasmania connection (By: Bob Cudmore) March 17, 2018

The Hagaman-Tasmanian connection By Bob Cudmore, Focus on History, Daily Gazette, 03-17-18 A box of Mendets forged an improbable link in 1925 between an American in Hagaman and an Australian over 10,000 miles away in the ...

Price Gouging at the Supermarket (By: Frank Yunker) March 15, 2018

Itís time to explain what price gouging is and what it is not. Imagine a scene. A can of store-brand coffee sitting on a shelf for six dollars. Next to it is a can of gourmet-brand coffee selling for twelve dollars. What we ...

Local News
** Today's front page: **
** "A spokesman who said he was not authorized by the Cuomo campaign to give his name" **
** If he” didn't give his name how was it determined that he was an actual rep for Cuomo. What are standards for prin... **
** I miss Johnny Carson. And Jay Leno. **
** ICYMI: **
** In the past 4 hours, number of CynthiaNixon Twitter followers has grown 40%. Story here on the launch of her campa... **
** Opinion: The diversity industry has given notice: Discuss the costs of affirmative action, and you can be punished... **
** CynthiaNixon fud31 **
** fud31 Ouch. **
** Thank you so much -- overwhelmed by your support. Don't miss your chance to be a Day 1 Founding Donor. Contribute n... **
** CynthiaNixon: Thank you so much -- overwhelmed by your support. Don't miss your chance to be a Day 1 Founding Donor. Contribute now: ht... **
Charlotte is backing Miranda
Scoop from lukestdnathan: Our ridership has been impacted by a variety of factors including the weather, low fuel...
If there was any question as to whether a CynthiaNixon campaign would garner entertainment/national coverage,...
CYNTHIA NIXON FOR GOVERNOR OF NEW YORK ! myFULLsupport - she is one of kind - brilliant - brave bold and so smart...
Rosie for Nixon.
"The cast and crew of Broadway touring shows live a life on the road. But when they stop at Proctors, they're guara...
Yup, Cynthia Nixon has a campaign account. The treasurer is none other than Cuomo's 2014 primary opponent (and Demo...
I love New York, and today I'm announcing my candidacy for governor. Join us:
.CynthiaNixon announces challenge to NYGovCuomo.


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