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World War I in Amsterdam (By: Bob Cudmore) November 11, 2017

The Great War's impact in the Amsterdam area By Bob Cudmore, Focus on History, Daily Gazette, 11-11-17 National Guardsmen from the Amsterdam area departed in August 1917 to train in Spartanburg, South Carolina for the ...

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Figured this GIF would be able to show my appreciation for all 351 of these schools. So many people from all of th...
** That Gillibrand can do better publicly by regretting the last 15 years than by appreciating them is all the proof y... **
EARNEDnnCongratulations to your 2017 AL Most Valuable Player! ud83dudc10
Jose Altuve is your 2017 AL MVP. Aaron Judge finishes second, having received 2 first place votes, 27 second place...
. on Franken allegations: "As you can see, this is a societal problem. It's not just any one member o...
Montgomery County agrees to clean up Beech-Nut property -
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Leeann Tweeden accuses Sen. Al Franken of sexual assault. She includes a photo of him groping her breasts while she...
Just taped from D.C. Explained why House bill is bad for NY. 42% of tax cut goes to top 1%. Our NY...
See you tonight Schenectady!
LadiesOfLaughter is coming to this Saturday! Get your tickets here: nn
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11/ Michael Brown, also at the Energy Dept, is a former director for The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electric...
One brave, NYC woman shipped hundreds of thousands worth of stolen art back to the MoMA


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